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my story

Isis Reulen is a clothing brand started by an 18 year old passionate about making a statement in the fashion industry. I Isis Reulen started this brand during the Corona pandemic, as a way to express my frustration with the lack of respect for women’s rights in many parts of the world… So I decided to do something about it!

That’s why I created the ‘Riot Design’, which is my signature look that speaks volumes about the current state of the world. My goal is to create bold, stylish and comfortable clothing that give you confidence.

My pieces are unique and designed to stand out.

I invite you to explore my collection and find something that speaks to you.

as sustainable as I can

I try to be as sustainable as I can. I use eco friendly screen printing inks,

I make rings from old spoons, I use second hand items and I rework them,

most of my packaging is recycled and reusable and I source products as locally as possible.

For clothing we also use pre-orders as a sustainable approach to production, minimizing waste

and ensuring that each item finds a happy home.

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